Tree Limb Pick Up and Snow Removal

Tree Limb Pick up

Schedule and Guidelines

2024 Schedule:

Weeks of: April 8th, May 13th, September 9th and October 14th

Tree Limb Pick-up is for residents living on township maintained roads in unincorporated Elgin Township only. In order to remove tree limbs in a cost effective, timely and orderly fashion the Elgin Township Highway Department institutes the following guidelines:

  • All limbs must be curbside by 7:00am Monday morning the week of pickup.
  • There will be no double coverage; once we go through your area we will not be back until the next scheduled pick-up.
  • Maximum size of limbs to be discarded is 8″ in diameter and can be 12′ to 15′ in length.
  • This is not a tree removal program. If you are removing entire trees larger than 8″ diameter, you will have to hire someone to dispose of them.
  • Please stack all piles cut end towards the road.
  • Please separate into piles not just one large pile no more than 3 feet high and orderly.
  • Do not stack logs on branch piles make a separate pile.
  • All small clippings can be placed in a garbage can or brown yard waste bag but NO stones or soil. No yard waste (grass, flower clippings, or leaves).
  • All bushes and root balls will be accepted if free of soil.
  • Wood chips are available to homeowners residing on township maintained streets. We will deliver.

Thank you for your corporation.

Snow Removal Guidelines

  • Do not park cars on the road or road right-of-way in the winter months.
  • When depositing snow at the end of your driveway, pile to left side of the drive (from the perspective of facing the driveway from the street)
  • Plowing snow from your driveway and leaving it on the roadway is a violation of Illinois State Statute.
  • Township employees take great pride in their snow removal routes, your cooperation will help them do their job more efficiently.