Battery Recycling Program

Battery Recycling Program Elgin Township

Keep Those Batteries Coming!
To date, more than 320,000 pounds of batteries have been collected from the citizens of Elgin Township who have shown their interest in protecting the soil, groundwater and surface water of this area.

The Township continues to receive batteries at these locations:

Pingree Grove Fire Station- Plank Road (just off Rt. 20)

Big Timber Fire Station- Big Timber Road west of Rt. 31

South Elgin Fire District Station- Hopps & Steven Roads

Elgin Township Highway Garage- 725 S. McLean Blvd.
All lithium batteries and batteries with top terminals must be taped with clear tape before drop-off.
Loose batteries ONLY – No bags or containers.

Batteries appropriate for recycling include the following:

  • Dry Cell AA
  • C
  • 9-Volt
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • AAA
  • D
  • Computer Batteries
    Wanted: batteries from radios, flashlights, toys, kitchen appliances, power tools, hearing aids, watches, cameras, calculators, computers, pacemakers, camcorders, cell phones.

Not wanted: wet cell batteries (cars, boats, motorcycles).