About Elgin Township

Our Mission

The Elgin Township government is one of the oldest forms of government in Illinois.  Townships perform three mandatory functions: administering a general assistance program to qualifying residents, maintaining township road district highways and bridges, and assessing real property.  Townships have been given various powers which they may exercise depending upon the needs of their constituents.

Our Vision For The Year 2023

“Township by the people, for the people, and of the people.”

Who Are We?


Our Area

Organized in 1850, Elgin Township covers 36 square miles of land, including portions of the City of Elgin, the Village of South Elgin, and unincorporated areas.  The Township contains approximately 34,500 parcels, making it the second largest township in Kane County.


Our Boundaries

The township boundaries are:  Western Boundary: Nesler Rd and Coombs Rd;  Eastern Boundary: approximately Willard Ave.;  Northern Boundary: I-90;  Southern Boundary: McDonald Rd. and Franklin Ave. in South Elgin.


Are You A Resident?

If you live in the Kane County portion of Elgin, within the boundaries described, you are a township resident.  Please call the office to confirm your residency: 847.741.5110.

Our Departments

The Township Supervisor

Statutorily defined as the chief executive officer of the township, an Illinois township supervisor is positioned to fulfill a key leadership role on the township team as the manager of financial affairs in the township, coordinator of the township programs, and administrator of day-to-day activities in the office.


Highway Commissioner

The Highway Commissioner oversees construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. The Commissioner submits a tax levy and budget for the highway department. Neither the township board of trustees, nor the Supervisor, has any jurisdiction over the Highway Commissioner or road district employees.


Township Assessor

In compliance with the statutory requirements to become Township Assessor in his jurisdiction, Assessor Steven P. Surnicki holds a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer designation. He has also been a licensed State of Illinois Certified Real Estate Appraiser since 1991.

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Township Clerk

The Township clerk’s office is in charge with maintaining all minutes and agendas, which document the actions taken by the Town’s elected Board of Trustees.  The Office of the Clerk also manages all FOIA requests made of the association.