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Welcome to the Elgin Township website. We at Elgin Township are proud to be a part of a 100 year tradition of serving the people of the Fox Valley region. Though times have changed, the need for prompt courteous and cost efficient government services remains the same.

I invite you to explore this website to see all the services and programs that the Elgin Township provides to its residents.

Thank you,
Kenneth C. Bruderle
Elgin Township Supervisor


Town Supervisor

Statutorily defined as the chief executive officer of the township, an Illinois township supervisor is positioned to fulfill a key leadership role on the township team


Highway Commissioner

The Highway Commissioner oversees construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. The Commissioner submits a tax levy and budget for the highway department


Town Assessor

We assess real property for purposes of local property taxation, maintain current records of each parcel, assist homeowners in applying for various exemptions, and provide information about the assessment cycle.


Did You Know?

As of a 2020 census, our population was


residents residing in Elgin Township


What We Stand For

Township government is one of the oldest forms of government in Illinois.  Townships perform three mandatory functions: administering a general assistance program to qualifying residents, maintaining township road district highways and bridges, and assessing real property.  Townships have been given various powers which they may exercise depending upon the needs of their constituents.

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